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Our playgroup is a place of welcome, safety, happy companionship, support and learning for both children and adults.

On joining Lathlain Playgroup our members commit to:


  • Following the guidelines of the Playgroup so that all members can enjoy a great playgroup experience (full guidelines are provided below).

  • Participating in at least one busy bee throughout the year to clean the toys and venue.

  • Contributing to leaving the Playgroup in a clean and tidy manner for all to enjoy.

  • Welcoming families for a 2 week trial and any new members into the group.


Day Leaders commit to:


  • Attending meetings or ensuring someone from their group attends 

  • Ensuring that at least 2 members from each group attends each busy bee (3 per year).

  • Coordinating opening and closing, ensuring key card is kept safe and room alarmed at the end of each session.

  • Chasing up members who have not paid their Membership Fees by the end of February.

  • Giving interested families a tour of the facility and answering questions about the group.

  • Overseeing the tasks that need to be done each week re cleaning and maintaining the facility and advising new group members of these tasks.

  • Letting the President know if there are any ongoing issues in the group.

  • Presenting suggestions from the group to the committee about how to improve the Playgroup experience for all (ie. new toys, maintenance, exciting ideas). 

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